Saturday, 1 October 2011

Free pretzel and tee you have 2 minutes!

1. Log on, enter this contest:
Quick! 2 minutes left!

Free handbook dress

Go to gift code section, and type this:

Free top trends dress

1. Log in and go to gift code section, as i mentioned in my other posts. Type in this code and redeem: RH-VSYDKK6PR

Free my style diary jacket

Click here:
In gift code section, enter this:

Free soul surfer gift

If you live in UK, watch video here:
If not, go to british proxy, paste stardoll link, log on, on proy box type in cinema link and go back to your normal stardoll.

Free footloose neon sign

If you live in UK, log in and you have it. If not, go to any UK proxy, type stardoll link in blank box, log on and leave proxy. Enjoy!

Free necklace

If you live in Turkey, click here:
If not, use a manual proxy.