Sunday, 18 September 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Stardoll blog! Before you decide to read it, check out some essential info.
1. It is about a cool game called Stardoll.
2. It is mainly about free items and how to get them
3. I recommend this blog for girls.
I hope I will get many readers and that this blog will build up to be a successful blog everyone will be able to use. Now you have to meet my doll. Here is some info for TODAY.
Name: winterveronica5
Starcoins: 177
Superstar status: Not superstar
Starpoints: 430
Appearance described by Ivy5555: Long, bushy brown hair, small brown eyes, Beautiful, straight white teeth, scarlet lips, small nose, thin, white body, black tear on face, vampire fangs, silver hair decoration and small purple tattoo on chest.
Suite info: Two interiors, room 2=51 items, room 1, 99 items.
Clothes: Two whole sections.
Accessoseries: Loads, cannot be counted.
Blog: Currently 0 entries.
Design & Sell: Really good designs, take up whole space :-)
Album: Issue 9 Finished.
Sceneries: Really Really nice (LOADS!)
Clubs: One, stardoll-codes.
Parties: Attends at least 1 daily.
Friends: Not much, not interested :-D
I hope you know my doll now!