Saturday, 1 October 2011

Free pretzel and tee you have 2 minutes!

1. Log on, enter this contest:
Quick! 2 minutes left!

Free handbook dress

Go to gift code section, and type this:

Free top trends dress

1. Log in and go to gift code section, as i mentioned in my other posts. Type in this code and redeem: RH-VSYDKK6PR

Free my style diary jacket

Click here:
In gift code section, enter this:

Free soul surfer gift

If you live in UK, watch video here:
If not, go to british proxy, paste stardoll link, log on, on proy box type in cinema link and go back to your normal stardoll.

Free footloose neon sign

If you live in UK, log in and you have it. If not, go to any UK proxy, type stardoll link in blank box, log on and leave proxy. Enjoy!

Free necklace

If you live in Turkey, click here:
If not, use a manual proxy.

Free footloose items

If you live in UK, visit campaign here:
If you do not live in UK, follow those steps/
1. Go to
2. Paste stardoll link in blank box
3. Log in
4. In the proxy blank box on the upper left, type in the campaign link
5. Leave proxy, go to stardoll.
If you live in UK but didn't work, like for me, use the proxy, it worked for me!

Free red stardoll top!

If you are from poland, click here:
Enter contest, top should be in suite, use a manual proxy if you do not live in poland~!

Free Necklace and dress

If you live in russia, enter contest here:
Items should be in beauty parlor and suite, if you do not live in russia, use manual proxy pleaseee!

Free Orange hair dye!

If you live in UK/USA/AUSTRALIAA/CANADA, enter contest here:
Item should be in beauty parlor. If you do not live there, well use a manual proxy. I don't know how to use one either, don't ask me.

Free Good Karma items

1. Well, visit the campaign daily:
2. Every time you choose an item, it will be in your suite.
I got all, how about you?

Free red autumn cardigan

1. If you live in UK, enter contest here:
2. Cardigan should be in your suite.
If you do not live in UK, well I can't help it, cause you can't use web proxies for contests anymore, so if you know how to use a manual proxy...use it!

Free Daily Pink Ribbon items

1. Go to this campaign here :
2. Each day you can buy an item for 0sd
3. Enjoy!

Free I♥Germany T-shirt

1. click here:
2. Buy for 0sd
3. Tee should be in your suite

Free facebook giveaway dress!!!!!!!

1. Click here:
2. Buy for 0sd
3. Items should be in suite

Free tangled lizard and cape

1. Log on stardoll
2. Click here:,30384
3. Buy items for 0sd
4. Items should be in suite!

Free DOVE items

1. Log on stardoll
2. Click here:,28596,28597
3. Buy items
4. Items should be in your suite!

Free 111.111.111 member items! (Loads of them!!!)

1. Log on Stardoll
2. Click here:,33209,33210,33211,33212,33213,33214,33215,33216,33217
3. Buy for 0sd
4. Items should be in your suite!

Free Trophy!

1. Log on Stardoll
2. Click here
3. Buy it for 0 SD
4. Trophy should be in your suite

Free Stardoll Royalty Only Nail Polish

1. Log on to Stardoll, as I said, SR only!
2. Click on the link:
3. Buy it for 0 sd
4. Nail Polish should be in SR bag in your suite!

Free GotS bubbles!

1. Log on to Stardoll
2. Click on this link:
3. Look for the bubbles and buy them
4. Bubbles should be in your suite

Free Tights, Dress, Collar, Clutch, Boots

1. Log on to Stardoll
2. Go to,34962,34963,34964,34965
3. Items should be in a starplaza bag in your suite

Free Rebecca Bonbon Zebra T-Shirt

1. Log on to stardoll
2. Go to
3. You will get it on your starplaza dresser. Buy it for 0 sd.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Stardoll blog! Before you decide to read it, check out some essential info.
1. It is about a cool game called Stardoll.
2. It is mainly about free items and how to get them
3. I recommend this blog for girls.
I hope I will get many readers and that this blog will build up to be a successful blog everyone will be able to use. Now you have to meet my doll. Here is some info for TODAY.
Name: winterveronica5
Starcoins: 177
Superstar status: Not superstar
Starpoints: 430
Appearance described by Ivy5555: Long, bushy brown hair, small brown eyes, Beautiful, straight white teeth, scarlet lips, small nose, thin, white body, black tear on face, vampire fangs, silver hair decoration and small purple tattoo on chest.
Suite info: Two interiors, room 2=51 items, room 1, 99 items.
Clothes: Two whole sections.
Accessoseries: Loads, cannot be counted.
Blog: Currently 0 entries.
Design & Sell: Really good designs, take up whole space :-)
Album: Issue 9 Finished.
Sceneries: Really Really nice (LOADS!)
Clubs: One, stardoll-codes.
Parties: Attends at least 1 daily.
Friends: Not much, not interested :-D
I hope you know my doll now!